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avis marie




"Manage the works of his main house by living remotely: Hubert and Héloïse led our project with confidence and thus reduced our worries. Design: the architects were able to fully integrate our way of life so that the house corresponds to us. Refinement: sublimate with modern touches, a judicious choice of colors, the old has been highlighted. Control of the budget: the way of doing things is readjusted according to the progress of the project, in the respect of the expected spirit and without unpleasant surprises on the invoices, quality very rare in an architect. Finally, a choice of serious companies and a sure taste made it possible to make a magnificent house pleasant to live in. Their work in a few words: pragmatic conception, refined realization and result higher than expectations! Thank you."


Anne & Hubert

avis pitault

"Hubert and Héloïse have shown attentive and constructive listening, giving us proposals beyond our expectations. They have successfully combined professional requirements and refinement. We thus work in a framework inspiring serenity, what our customers and our collaborators need. "


Anne Pitault & Hubert Biard

Associate Lawyers Cornet Vincent Ségurel

avis robert



"Refurbishing old buildings, especially large Chateaux, is probably one of the most difficult jobs architects can take on. From designing new systems that have to be incorporated into old structures, maintaining the style of the existing building and coordinating the various contractors and sub- contractors whilst keeping the client happy is a task that mixes design skills, architectural know-how and politics to an extent that many other professions don't have to contend with.

Hubert and Héloïse managed all of this, and more, on both of the projects they managed for me. We worked together for a combined period of 5 years and I can say that the results were exactly what I wanted, within time and budget. I would happily recommend H ARCHITECTES to others. "



Avis Aurélien


Ancre 1


" I had the opportunity as an individual to call on the work of Mrs. Héloïse Renoult for two projects with strong constraints in terms of space and budget.

First of all, warmly available, she takes the time to listen – to really listen – and thus gives herself the means to identify the needs expressed and to take the adjusted measure of the scope of the project submitted to her.

Then, while detecting its limits, it identifies its flaws, and proposes solutions without losing sight of the client's wishes. Patient, open to dialogue, she thus gradually configures the parameters of the project, even if necessary, going back as much as necessary on the first drafts until satisfaction with regard to both the desiderata of her practice, her professional probity and of his understanding of administrative standards.

Finally, the mastery of his art allows him to promote the client's contribution to the finalization of the project. She was thus very enlightening on the means of adapting the project to the viability of its use, taking into account the quality of life of the future place, the circulation of people (even with disabilities), for example, that also light, up to the opening of the field offered to the gaze...

Clearly, Ms. Renoult loves her job. For these reasons, I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an architect worthy of her role. "


"J’ai eu le plaisir d’être mis en relation avec Héloïse Renoult pour mon premier projet d’acquisition. Ce contact m’a été transmis par une connaissance familiale qui me l’a fortement conseillée. Et en effet, Héloïse a su comprendre mon projet et m’a parfaitement aiguillé pour le réaliser. Ses idées étaient pertinentes, tout en respectant mes besoins. Son travail était parfait, réalisé dans un temps réduit, ce qui m’a garanti l’obtention de mes permis de construire en temps voulu. 

Merci encore pour votre travail, je reviendrai vers vous pour mes futurs projets."

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