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Hubert Dubois & Heloise Renoult


As fully qualified Architects from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture in Nantes, we both decided to join forces in 2015.  Our complementarity rapidly became obvious : we are able to share our respective work experiences, especially in interior designing and project planning ; this enables us to widen options and dynamise our approach to any project.


Our agency, split between Bordeaux and Nantes, allows us to oversee projects from the Brittany region to New Aquitaine : renovation, refurbishment, construction and interior design projects. Our various missions adapt to clients requirements : it can be "partial", down to regulations feasibility or planning permissions for example, or "complete" by integrating all project studies and full supervising of the site.


Our work ethic is based on the concepts of service and listening, we are convinced that there are no big or small projects, but successful projects, shared and made possible by flawless and transparent communication between the client, the architect and the building team. It is adaptable and constructed around the specific needs of the client’s project, on the basis of agreed and detailed specifications. The projects are implemented by our teams of sub-contractors, they are carried out by using the various skills of our design and trade partners - structure, fluids, thermal, acoustic, ... - and a network of specialised companies, craftsmen or skilled craftsmen.


From the definition of the specifications to the completion of the project, the stages are numerous: the project must be nourished by constructive exchanges between the various traders, in a business relationship based on trust. Together, we will successfully fulfill your needs, your expectations, your concepts of comfort and pratical use, your desired ambience ... With one overall conviction: simplicity endures, places deserve to be revealed


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